Commpete represents challenger providers who are retailers and wholesalers of digital communication.

Many are newly emerging, and none have the advantage of incumbency or have had the taxpayer build their network. Challenger companies delivered almost all the significant price and service innovations that consumers have enjoyed over the past 20 years.

We provide a unified voice making it easy for government and industry bodies to hear the views of challenger providers. 


Our alliance for real competition in digital communications aims to secure:

· A flourishing wholesale digital communications market that enables competition with open and timely access to consumers

· The ability of new companies to enter and thrive in the market

· A target of 30% of the market across the communications sector to be held by challenger providers. (The challengers being those companies representing everyone outside the top 3 incumbents in any market)


Commpete was founded in 2004 and was known as the Competitive Carriers' Coalition (CCC). It is an industry association representing the interests of non-dominant telecommunications carriers in Australia. It advocates pro-competition policy and regulation.

Our members - the challengers - have brought to market almost all the significant price and service innovations that consumers have enjoyed over the past 20 years, including:

•    the first 3G mobile network in Australia, which kick-started the consumer behaviour changes that led to 4G and soon 5G;
•    ADSL2+;
•    bucket pricing;
•    national local call pricing; 
•    independent backhaul competition; 
•    unlimited broadband data plans;
•    naked DSL (broadband services that did not require a separate monthly line rental fee); and
•    "no lock-in” contracts


Consumers have directly benefited from many of the policy and regulatory initiatives that Commpete and its member companies fought for, often without any other support. These include:

• the structural separation of the monopoly universal access network, including rules to create a level playing field on all broadband networks;
• regulation of prices to terminate calls on mobile termination, slashing per minute costs from $0.40 to under $0.017;
• regulation of wholesale SMS charges to cut them from $0.075  per message to $0.03;
• regulation of wholesale ADSL to ensure regional Australians had access to competitive alternatives;
• laws to allow the ACCC to set prices for monopoly services; 
• advocated for the ACCC to take a holistic view of communications markets to identify new threats to consumer interests, recognised in the present market study
• fought through the courts to force Telstra to abide by the rules that give competitors access to Telstra infrastructure such as exchanges and copper lines, essential to deliver alternative services such as Naked DSL; and
• fought through the courts attempts by Telstra to overrule the ACCC’s right to regulate (in the High Court) and the ACCC’s decisions about the fair price for Telstra services (Federal Court).
This track record has established our alliance as a credible and independent organisation whose interests are firmly aligned with consumers and the Australian economy.


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