About Us

Commpete is the united voice of new and established telco companies. Together we have a seat at the regulatory table where we advocate pro-competition policy.

Commpete represents dynamic digital communications companies; challenger brands offering their services to consumers and businesses.

Our alliance is a diverse mix of businesses, some are well established, others newly emerging. Our members are a reflection of the industry itself, they represent builders and providers of infrastructure, operators of networks and wholesale and retail service providers.

Commpete advocates for pro-competition policies and regulation in telecommunications markets.

We believe strong challenger brands play an integral role in driving value and innovation to Australian households and businesses.

Our Vision

We know a healthy, competitive operating economy in any sector is one where challenger brands aggregate at least 30% market share.
Greater choice, innovation and competition
Pro-competition policy for a healthy and diverse balance of larger and smaller companies
To ensure open access markets and timely access to technologies and consumers
A target of 30% of the market share held by challenger providers
The ability of new companies the opportunity to enter and thrive in the market
To ensure support of a vibrant wholesale market
WHEN we achieve that EVERY Australian will benefit.


Our numerous submissions have led to crucial regulatory reforms with the goal to increase competition in an industry dominated by corporate giants.

Our members have spearheaded some of the most significant price and service innovations directly benefiting consumers over the past 20 years.

Our track record has established our alliance as a credible and independent organisation and more importantly, our policy and regulatory initiatives have provided better value, more flexibility and increased choice and have become standard practice for consumers, business and the economy.

Office Holders

Jamie Morse
Public Officer
Dougal Heath
Dougal Heath
Fi Headshot
Fionola OKeeffe