Commpete’s members are aligned on a singular purpose: ensuring Australians experience greater choice, value and flexibility when it comes to telecommunications services. This depends entirely on a competitive market.

Our dedication to this cause is the driver behind our ongoing advocacy and commentary, and we have regularly leant our voice to mainstream national media and technology publications.

In this section you’ll find a collection of Commpete’s mentions in the news, as well as media releases, analyses and a way to contact our team for any media enquiries.

  • 2018

    Commpete today released a Policy Submission to the Federal Government to reinvigorate competition.

    Challengers call for 30% of telco market share target and action on competition

  • 2017

    Government Must Write Down NBN to End Silly Debate

    ACCC Draft Market Studies Report a milestone for effective future regulation

    Act now to end Telstra welfare scheme

    Telstra’s comprehensive court loss removes year long shadow from Industry