Join Us

Together we have a seat at the regulatory table where we advocate pro-competition policy.

In Australia, challengers and new entrants in the digital communications sector face massive hurdles to get equal and timely access to consumers.

Our companies don’t have the big corporate and government relations teams of the incumbents. By banding together we can create the resources and expertise to tackle the entrenched advantages of the incumbents and make the goal of real competition a reality.

The more companies that join us, the stronger we become.

Our Goal

We are striving for an advanced Australian economy with telecommunications services at its centre, both as an essential utility and driver of our country’s continuing digital transformation.

Commpete will continue to advocate for policy and regulatory settings that protect and promote competition in digital communications markets.

We will challenge the status quo, drive innovation, offer greater choice for consumers and businesses, and push to close the technology gap between metro and remote Australia.

Communication is key in a connected world and it has never been more important to create a real competitive telco market for the benefit of consumers, businesses and the wider Australian economy.

Member Benefits
  • Collective voice to influence key policy decisions on agreed priority matters, which have a significant competitive impact and are a priority to the future success of non-dominant providers.
  • Tap into Commpete’s established and credible relationships with key Government and regulatory decision makers.
  • Fast track method to provide effective input on priority interests of your organisation.
  • Access a diverse and collective group of likeminded challengers, supportive of each other, with expertise in our respective fields and pool together to reduce strain on limited resources.
  • Visibility of the ongoing work plan from Government and regulators that critically influence Australia’s future